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Below are a few tips and advisories on how to care for your garments, this will in turn help you save money but also provide longevity for your purchased garment from Bailwood.

Avoid Washing too often.

By reducing the how often you wash your clothes, you will save your garment from the typical machine cycles wear and tear impact, this will in turn make your garment look as new for longer. (underwear and socks which are considered hygiene garments should however be washed daily).

On-the-Spot Clean

To reduce the no machine cycles it is always advisable to On-The-Spot clean the stains on the garment.

Airing out the Garment

A tip we at Bailwood learnt from the seniors, if the garment has no stains or dirty marks, its always a good idea if you let it hang on a washing line so any bad odour can be aired out, this a massive contribution to save money and help the environment.

Wash at 30°

Majority of the new generation washing machines have a eco option, we advise to use this along with washing your garment at our preferred heat 30° this will again help you save energy.

Wash Inside Out

A handy tip when it comes to placing your garments into the drum, it is always advisable to turn the garments inside out, this will help prevent the drum from pulling the garment fibres and then bobble.

The Use of Washing Powder and Fabric Conditioner

We advise that detergents or washing powders should be used to a minimum, literally the least possible, detergents use enzymes that can combat the colours and fibres in the garment, which then in turn drastically reduces the longevity of the garment along with colour fading. Fabric Conditioner is also a factor to be considered, majority of acrylic and cotton mix garments are to refrain from using fabric conditioner, but we advise to not use on any garments purchased from Bailwood. However always check your washing instructions

Tumble dry and Drying

we always advise to look at the manufacturer’s care instructions, majority of the times the garments are left to dry naturally. Skirts that have pleats in them take a lot of care and attention if not washed and dried appropriately, we advise never to put them in a washing machine or dryer, more so we advise to place skirts with pleats in a sink full of water with a slight touch of detergent, allow it to sit for an hour and take out, shake out, and place on a washing rack. This will save you time from even ironing the skirt.

We do not recommend tumble drying knitwear, sweatshirts or sweatshirt cardigans.


School uniforms are designed to withstand the rigours of a school day, therefore many of the garments are easy care and even non-iron. Always ensure the iron is set to the correct temperature and follow the symbol on the washing instructions for the specific garment when ironing. Printed garments in particular and embroidered items should not be ironed over.

Iron-on name Labels

Only iron on to garments you can iron and remember to put a layer e.g. a cloth between the clothing and the iron to avoid scorch marks.


Even though our sweatshirts are made with anti-pill technologies, follow these tips to prevent pilling when washing: 

  1. Turn the sweatshirt inside out to prevent excessive abrasion from other clothes, zippers, and buttons. 
  2. Use liquid detergent instead of powder detergent, which can rub against the fabric while dissolving and causes pilling during the wash cycle. 
  3. Wash on delicate and no hotter than 40 degrees Celsius. 
  4. Avoid using a dryer and lay the sweatshirt flat to dry to prevent stretching. 

You can find specific washing instructions on the inside label of the garment. 

ADDITIONAL TIP: It is recommended to wash a new sweatshirt inside out before wearing it for the first time to remove any excess fibres from the inner fleece.

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